Choosing a Spotlight

Track-mounted spotlights are some of the most versatile lighting products you can have. With the option to adjust the location and aiming of these products, it is easy to adjust your lighting designs in place with impressive results.

What do we recommend when choosing a spotlight? Light quality, glare control and high mechanical quality really define a good spotlight. The physical appearance can help add character to your design, or just help the light disappear from view. And accessories can be used to add extra flexibility to your design.

Light Quality - CRI

What defines high quality light? The light from is reflected from the objects we see. Different wavelengths of light are interpreted by our minds as different colors. So light that is rich and balanced with wavelengths, such as sunlight, allows us to see and understand the colors of objects, walls, people etc. But under a low quality light these colors can be lost and the world can look flat and grey.

Look for lights that have a high CRI or TM-30-15 values. A CRI of 90 or higher should be the standard for most lighting applications.

In addition to color quality, color consistency will ensure that spotlights all look the same when lighting a wall or floor. Aim for SDCM 3 or better.

Optics and Glare

One of the biggest challenges with spotlights can be glare. Because spotlights are often aimed at an angle, it is common that they shine in people’s eyes. To avoid this, choose spotlights with light sources that are set deep into the luminaire and that that use anti-glare optics and reflectors.

Optics that have a lot of spill light - light that is outside of the main light beam - will usually have poor glare control. Look for quality optics that focus light where you need it. These are more efficient and more comfortable.

Physical Characteristics

Sometimes you don’t want folks paying attention to the luminaire - spotlights often come with a minimalist design so that they can disappear. But when they are visible then high quality design and materials can make an impact on how a project is perceived. Balance these factors against cost to find the perfect luminaire for your project.

The mechanical design is more than just aesthetics though. If your project will allow users to aim and re-aim spotlights often, the spotlight must be physically robut enough to support this. Look at the joints of all moving parts and make sure they will not come loose or break over continued use.

Repair and Replace

As they require so little effort to install, spotlights are easy products to re-use overtime. Products where the driver and light source are easy to repair and replace can have a life-span that far exceeds the life of a single project. Check with us to get more information about your products

Exenia Spot Revo

The Spot Revo is a brand new family of spot lights from Exenia. They focus on high quality optics and glare control with a minimalistic desigh. The family includes 4 different sizes with many options for optics and accessories which makes designing with this product easy and flexible.

Deltalight Spy

The Spy series from Delta Light features a clean design with high-end material design. The luminaire fits well in the highest luxury homes or when used in restaurants or hotels. A decorative bezel allows for a suble statement of color.

Lucent TubeLED

The TubeLED from Lucent Lighting offer a simple housing with a very flexible choice of light source - including options for color temperature tuning. The product is an excellent choice when sustainability is a priority, with easily replaceable light sources and excellent build-quality.